LED Destination Signs & Controllers


LED Destination Signs


Hanover signs are robust, easy to install, use and maintain. All signs benefit from excellent legibility in all environments. All signs are fitted with automatic brightness adjustments which optimises visibility and reduces power consumption.


The sign system is programmed using Hanover's proprietary, Windows based software (HELEN) which is simple to use and allows messages to be displayed in multiple languages and a wide variety of presentation styles.


The sign system is driven by a dedicated controller which also serves as the driver interface.


Hanover manufactures monochrome, white, curved, colour route number and full colour signs to cover all customer options.









Internal LED Signs


Hanover supplies a wide range of interior signs in different sizes with options available in both single-sided and double-sided variants.


These signs are typically used to display the stop names along a route, thus regularly informing the passengers of their current location. These messages can be triggered by GPS co-ordinates and other inputs, such as door status signals or a passenger "Request Stop" button.


As with Hanover's destination signs and controllers, all options come with an extended warranty as standard.









Key Features

  • Over 30 different sign and case sizes, with both single-sided and double-sided options.

  • Available in monochrome (amber) and tri-colour (amber, red, green) options in a variety of different resolutions.

  • Extended warranty offered as standard.

  • Wide viewing angle to optimise legibility from any position on the vehicle.

  • Low power consumption due to efficient design.

  • Lightweight, robust aluminium casing with both side and top installation options.

  • 12V options available for smaller vehicles.



DG3 Controller

The DG3 is a smaller sized sign controller requiring only a 92mm x 45mm cut out space. It is compact, light-weight and simple to install.







Key Features

  • Destination and information messages are selected using the four button key pad.

  • Buttons are backlit for ease of use in poor light.

  • High resolution OLED screen with three line, full graphics display and auto-dimming feature.

  • The screen allows driver to view selected messages (including sign mimic capability), as well as diagnostic information.

  • Multiple secondary communications options (including Ethernet) allow connection to other on-board equipment.

  • Destination database is created using Hanover's HELEN programming software.

  • Data loading via USB and an 8Mb memory capacity allows storage of the largest destination databases.

  • Installation via front mounting panel screws or side mount clips.

  • Operational on both 12V and 24V vehicles.

  • Extended warranty offered as standard.



EG3 Controller


A sophisticated controller, with alphanumeric keypad and multiple communications ports, providing additional equipment interfaces. The EG3 can run automatic GPS location software to manage audio announcements and internal LED signs which provide This Stop/Next Stop information for on-board passengers.










Key Features

  • Destination and information messages and additional functions are selected using an alphanumeric key pad.

  • Quick database browse or unique code input to select destination.

  • LCD two line screen allows driver to view selected messages and diagnostic information.

  • Four secondary communications ports for interfacing to other on-board equipment.

  • Additional features include AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) software to manage location specific passenger information and a real-time clock to enable database updates at predefined times.

  • Destination database is created using Hanover's HELEN programming software.

  • 4Mb memory capacity - data loading using a Keylo device which is manually connected to the ERIC to initiate data transfer.

  • Installation via side mount clips.

  • Extended warranty offered as standard.