NEW G4 LED Information Signs​

Hanover has the most extensive range of different sign sizes of any passenger information sign supplier in the public transport market.

Hanover's in-house production and quality assurance is unrivaled in the market and we offer longer warranty terms than all other suppliers as standard for all our LED signs.

Hanover’s customer-focused approach means that we can quickly develop and supply new sign sizes to suit specific customer requirements.

On Board Passenger Information Systems

It is important to be able to inform passengers on-board a vehicle of their current position along the route. Providing "This Stop" and "Next Stop information helps to ensure that passengers know where they are at all times, so that they do not miss their stop and makes their journeys stress-free.


Hanover supplies a number of different units to provide a comprehensive solution for on-board passengers:

  • Audio Announcement Systems

  • Multimedia Screens