Passenger Information Systems

It is important to be able to inform passengers on-board a vehicle of their current position along the route. Providing "This Stop" and "Next Stop information helps to ensure that passengers know where they are at all times, so that they do not miss their stop and makes their journeys stress-free.


Hanover supplies a number of different units to provide a comprehensive solution for on-board passengers:

  • Audio Announcement Systems

  • Interior LED Signs

  • Multimedia Screens

These units are controlled by a powerful on-board computer, the HTC (Hanover Transport Computer).  As well as helping operators to provide their passengers with accurate location information, these systems also offer the additional benefits of allowing operators to broadcast promotional announcements and advertising on a location-specific basis.


Audio Announcement Systems


Audio announcements are a very effective way of keeping passengers informed of journey progress and upcoming stops. Powered by the Hanover Transport Computer (HTC) which enables broadcast of location-specific audio messages, which are pre-programmed to play at specific GPS co-ordinates.


Key Features:

  • Separate programmable zones for audio announcements (Internal, External, Driver's Cab).

  • In-built amplification for direct connection to on-bus speakers.

  • Automatic volume adjustment via ambient microphone.

  • Additional inputs allow announcements to be triggered by, for example, door opening/closing signals.

  • Configuration data and MP3 audio files are held on secure SD card.

  • TTS (Text-To-Speech) also available.

Multimedia Screens

Hanover's multimedia screens use high resolution TFT panels, which are fitted inside robust, vandal resistant cases, specially designed for the public transport environment. The screens can display still images, animated graphics and high definition videos.


The sophistication of this technology allows the bus operator to present more information to passengers, such as complete vehicle routes, places of interest, connection points with other routes on the network, timetables, promotional information and advertising messages.
















Key Features:​

  • Additional screen sizes available, including stretched TFTs and dual screens fitted side by side to display different content simultaneously (e.g. route information on one screen and advertising messages on another).

  • Multiple screens can be connected in a single system.

  • Both VGA and Ethernet communications options available.