Parts Supply Solutions

Parts Supply Solutions is a family owned and operated business located in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Suppliers of quality OEM parts, wipers systems, brakes, destination equipment, seatbelts, filters, globes, accessories, LCD Monitors, electric and manual roller blinds, and original design lighting systems. Part Supply Solutions also has a full range of camera systems such as reversing cameras, easy to use and operate CCTV cameras, 360 degree view cameras to eliminate blindspots and recording devices. We can also install these systems for you. Supplying to bus body builders, bus and truck operators.

Parts Supply Solutions has full Private Security business registration, all our installers are fully licenced security installers and advisors.

Hanover Displays

Hanover Displays designs and manufactures passenger information systems for the public transport industry. Including a full range of LED destination signs, 'Next Stop', 'This Stop is' voice announcement systems, GPS tracking and multimedia screens.


Satisfied customers in over 75 countries worldwide use a range of Hanover products, attracted by high levels of quality, reliability and customer service.