CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV Systems

Parts Supply Solutions offer a highly intelleigent CCTV system that takes surveillance and security monitoring to the next level. With all the cameras being completely networked, more is possible. You can set it up to be triggered by events, and reactions to those events by sounding an alarm or sending an SMS alert if certain movement is detected. Cameras can also be set up to be monitored remotely via state of the art software, which allows for almost endless possibilities.  Your fleet can be monitored 24/7 via our fantastic mobile app.

Parts Supply Solutions is a fully licensed and registered Private Security Business.

Our installers are fully licensed installers and advisers on all aspects of CCTV mobile security solutions. 

Please see the attached brochure for all the information.

Reversing Cameras

Our reversing camera systems provide the driver with enhanced vision by displaying the images captured on the rear mounted camera and displaying them on a monitor mounted on the dash in real time. Our monitors are available in different sizes 7" or 9" (different sizes can be provided) and are powered by 12 or 24vdc. Monitors can be ordered with additional inputs for multiple cameras.